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March ARB

Concrete Roof Coatings

Roof Leaks Fixed at Andersen AFB BX
The Base Exchange at the Andersen AFB had major leak problems with this concrete roof. There are cracks all over the roof along the girder lines and the existing silicone coating installed on the roof cracked with it.

Extensive Cracks on Concrete

WIth almost 3,000LF of cracks, engineers had to design a leakproof and forgiving solution. Due to structural movement, these cracks continue to move about 1/8″ daily.Various roof repair solutions were considered and tested by an independent lab. Lexis EnergyMax Silicone was also up against 2 competing brands and we outperformed both of them with a 300% safety margin.Cracks more than 1/8″ were routed out, backer rod dropped in.