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Self Storage Roof Repair

Old enough to leak,

but not old enough to replace.
Roof leaks are the #1 reason why roofs are prematurely replaced. For self storage facilities, that means moving tenants around or letting them go. Stop roof leaks and extend the life of your roof without disruption.

Proactive roof repair and restoration prevents issues that may become chronic headaches later on. Most leak repairs become bigger problems.

How are Roofs Restored?

Pressure Washing
Pressure Wash
Metal Roof Coating
Base Coat / Sealing
Metal Roof Coating

The self storage roof repair process begins with a thorough cleaning with a 4000psi pressure washer. Seams were sealed with SeamStitch Fabric, fasteners capped with SeamStitch Acrylic Caulk. Finally, EnergyMax Acrylic Coating was applied in 2 coats resulting in a seamless, watertight membrane. 

Self Storage Roof Repair
Self Storage Roof Repair

Lexis Coatings is a proud member of Georgia Self Storage Association.

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