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Built-Up Roof Coating @ Richmond Baking

Reflective Roof Coating for Built Up Roofs

Solves Roof Leaks and Saves on Energy Bills
This built up roof coating project allowed this facility in achieving accreditation with Safe Quality Foods (SQF) and satisfying many other third-party auditors and inspectors.
Infrared Thermography @ Richmond Baking
Roof leaks have been blamed for a string of salmonella-related food recalls that have cost manufacturers millions of dollars in damages and lost income. Richmond Baking has taken a proactive approach to roof maintenance and food safety by installing a seamless built up roof coating membrane. Kelvin Wilcox of SGC Roof Restoration installed a fully reinforced Lexis EnergyGuard butyl elastomeric coating system on this aged built up roof. Lexis Roof Coatings are a cost-effective way to extend the life of roof systems and can be installed directly over an existing built up roof. The reflective coating system also offers energy savings, peace of mind and reduced maintenance.

A reinforced coating is more resistant to tearing and substrate movement. The additional safety margin is essential to food storage and manufacturing companies.