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PrimeLock Roofing Primers

MultiSurface Primer - PrimeLock

PrimeLock Roofing Primers are provide a bond between the substrate and the roof coating. The type of primer needed depends on the substrate and type of roof coating being applied. A primer should never be a substitute for proper preparation.

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Asphalt Roofs

Smooth built-up or modified bitumen membranes contain oils, called exudate,  that can bleed through and discolor roof coatings. 

Metal Roofs

Primers are generally required on a metal roof regardless of whether the roof is new or old. Our rust primers are designed to be applied directly over the metal substrate. 

Single Ply Roofs

Priming is not needed for EPDM and TPO membranes if our Hybrid System is installed. This system uses our EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane as a base coat and primer in one.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofs

Primers are used to quickly protect newly sprayed foam from UV degradation. Existing SPF roofs are usually coated with acrylic or silicone. If silicone coatings are present, special coating procedures may be required. Contact us for more information.

PrimeLock Acrylic Primer

PrimeLock Acrylic Primer

Water-based, dark gray, adhesion promoter for metal, concrete, single-ply membranes and sprayed polyurethane foam roofs.

PrimeLock MultiSurface 5

PrimeLock MultiSurface

Solvent-based, black, adhesion promoter for asphalt built-up, concrete, metal, and polyurethane foam.

PrimeLock Rust Primer

PrimeLock Rust Primer

Water-based, gray, rust inhibitor for corroded metal roofs. Locks up rust and prevents further oxidation.

Roofing primers improve adhesion by providing a stable surface between the substrate and the roof coating.