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Get a Leak Free Roof and Save Thousands over Re-Roofing

Permanent Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair

PrimeLock Metal and Flat Roof Coatings
Roof leaks are the #1 reason why roofs are prematurely replaced. It's a costly mistake for sure, so why not extend the service life of your roof by restoring it with a spray-on, seamless, reflective, and highly elastic membrane. PrimeLock roofing primers improve adhesion between our roof coatings and asphalt built-up, concrete, metal, modified bitumen, single ply (EPDM, TPO) or sprayed polyurethane foam roofs.
PrimeLock Acrylic Primer

PrimeLock Acrylic Primer

Water-based, dark gray, acrylic roofing primer is an excellent adhesion promoter for chalky prepainted metal roofs or as a bleed blocker for asphalt roofs.

PrimeLock Epoxy Primer A

PrimeLock Epoxy Primer

PrimeLock Epoxy Primer is a 2 component, fast cure, epoxy roofing primer for asphalt, concrete, metal and single ply roofs such as EPDM & TPO membranes.

PrimeLock MultiSurface

PrimeLock MultiSurface

Solvent-based, black, roofing primer seals chalky surfaces such as pre-painted steel before coating with EnergyGuard Butyl Roof Coating.

PrimeLock Rust Primer

PrimeLock Rust Primer

A water-based metal roofing primer. It is intended to be used on rusted metal surfaces to inhibit rust and provide a durable surface for our elastomeric roof coatings.

What Type of Roof Do You Have?

Metal Roof Coatings

Metal Roof Repair

Acrylic roof coatings offer high elongation and excellent dirt pick-up resistance. They are popular because of their low price, ease of use, and easy clean-up.
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Flat Roof Coatings

Flat Roof Repair

Urethane / Silicone hybrid combines the adhesion and tensile strength of polyurethane and the weatherability and ponding water resistance of silicones.
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Do You Need a Roof Coating Contractor?

Metal Roof Coating Application with Airless Sprayer
Roof coating contractors have the equipment and expertise to handle large, complicated roof repair jobs. Building managers all agree that PrimeLock roofing primers are essential for any roof restoration job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing primers improve adhesion by providing a stable surface between the substrate and the roof coating.

There isn't a one size fits all. Acrylic roof coatings are ideally suited for metal roofs due to their reflective properties, easy clean-up and dirt pick-up resistance. Solvent-based coatings such as polyurethanes and silicones are better suited for low-slope or flat roofs which most often pond water.

MetalBuilt-up (BUR)ConcreteModified BitumenSpray Polyurethane Foam and Single-ply (EPDM, TPO & PVC). Ballasted or gravel surfaced roofs are not acceptable roof surfaces for roof coatings.

When applied over a properly prepared surface, roof coatings can last 10 years or more depending on thickness and site conditions. It can be recoated to add another 10 years of service life.

Lexis Coatings has several types of reflective roof coatings such as Acrylics, SEBS, Polyurethanes and Silicones.

Yes, a roof coating is applied seamlessly on a roof and is able to bridge small cracks and pinholes. It is also elastic which means it will expand and contract with the roof.

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