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Roof Coating Spreaders

Quick and Economical Way to Install Roof Coatings
Elastomeric Coating Application by Coating Spreader

Roof coating spreaders by Rooftop Equipment can save on installation, eliminate overspray and reduce clean up costs. Airless sprayers can use a lot of solvents such as Xylene, Mineral Spirits or Naphtha during cleanup. These solvents need special handling during disposal.

Tank Spreaders are similar to fertilizer spreaders but they have a paint roller between the wheels. The tanks hold between 5 to 14 gallons of coating and can be refilled easily. 

Lexis Coatings sells various sizes of Roof Coating Spreaders for low slope or metal roofs. Their ease of use makes it suitable for small DIY projects where the use of an airless sprayer is not feasible or cost effective.

Roof Coating Spreader FAQ

  • Efficiently apply any roof coating material.
  • Achieve even, consistent coverage with simple, gravity-driven application.
  • Accurately cover either flat or ribbed roofs without messy overspray.
  • Decrease downtime with easy refills
  • Enjoy simple clean-up.
You can reuse the rollers on water-based acrylic roof coating jobs. For moisture cure materials such as polyurethanes and silicones, expect to use it one time only.
When there is cured coating on the surface or when it is no longer spreading evenly.