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Single Ply Roof Coating

Stop roof leaks and add decades to your roof with a single ply roof coating. Save up to 50% over re-roofing there with no disruption to your customers or operations. What’s not to like?

Long Lasting Single Ply Roof Repairs

Single ply roofs such as EPDM, TPO or PVC become chalky and crack with age. Make it last longer by sealing it with a seamless, reflective roof coating.

When you restore your single ply roof, you also help the environment by not committing used roofing materials into landfills.

Urethane / Silicone Hybrid System

The Best of Both Worlds
Skip the primer! Combine the adhesion, impact resistance and tensile strength of polyurethane and the weatherablility and ponding water resistance of silicone. The best single ply roof coating system.
EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane

EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane

A high solid, single component, roof coating for restoring asphalt, single-ply and spray foam roofs. It's an excellent basecoat for our silicone roof coatings.

EnergyGuard Silicone Coating

EnergyGuard Silicone Coating

Withstands permanent ponding water. Restore your aged built-up, modified bitumen, EPDM and spray foam roof.

Roof Coating Calculator

Total coverage area should include parapet walls and flashings. At a minimum, add 10% for waste factor.
30 dry mils is the thickness of a credit card. Most of our systems use 30 mils as a starting point.


Hybrid System uses a Polyurethane Base Coat with a Silicone Top Coat. You have 2 options for Top Coats.
This product is used as a base coat and primer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Black rubber roofs get really hot in the summer. With thermal cycling, they can lose elasticity. White, elastomeric coatings can reduce rooftop temperatures significantly.

Some roof coatings have difficulty adhering to badly deteriorated EPDM roofs that are already shedding their carbon black filler. The EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane tenaciously adheres to EPDM without the need for high-alkali rinses.

EPDM roofs are typically coated anywhere from 6 to 12 years after installation and much earlier with UV degradation. 

Service life varies with environment and type of coating. Warm, humid and corrosive environments may necessitate an earlier recoat.

Once coated, consider re-coating every 10 to 15 years. Recoats can cost less since the contractor is just spraying another layer and not doing any of the usual prep.

Roof coating contractors have the equipment and expertise to handle large, complicated roof repair jobs. Building managers all agree that single ply roof coatings can minimize roof repair and maintenance costs to a typical roof. Not all roofers install roof coatings so be sure to consult a professional with experience.

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