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Roof Ponding

Repairs and Remedies
Free RV Roof Coating Offer: Use Lexis Coatings to repair your RV roof. Take before, during and after pictures of the job and send it to us. If we use it on our website, we’ll give you $100. Include a video of the entire process and we will give you $200. Lexis product must be visible on the RV roof to be eligible. If you are looking for RV roof coatings, you’ve come to the right place. Our roof coatings outperform most of the coatings available in RV dealerships.
The Higher the Elongation, The Better.

EnergyGuard Butyl Roof Coating has 800% elongation compared to 200% for most water-based acrylic coatings sold in RV dealerships and home improvement stores. Use EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane on rubber roofs.

Seal Edge Strips
The transition between the rigid fiberglass body and a flexible membrane is a common problem with travel trailers and 5th wheels. Elastomeric roof coatings work well here and the higher the elongation, the more movement in can handle. Use 6″ SeamStitch Fabric to reinforce the seam.